IABC Nashville’s Vice President at Large Genma Stringer Holmes earns Awards of Excellence in IABC Atlanta Golden Flame Awards

Genma Stringer Holmes of GSH Media 和 Consulting has earned a prestigious Excellence Flame Award in the IABC Atlanta 2020 Golden Flame communications recognition program. The Cerese D June 和 August Digital Cover Issues 和 Stories won in the Publication Category. 


The IABC Atlanta Golden Flame awards program recognizes exceptional examples of 广告, marketing 和 communication programs as judged by an international panel of peer-professionals. 今年, 亚特兰大国际广播公司颁发了32枚金牌, 四个银, sixteen bronze 和 three Best in Show awards for business communication excellence. 


“今年 has been a difficult one for the communications industry as it has for all other industries,埃里克·贝里奥斯说, 美国国际广播公司亚特兰大专业识别副总裁. “It’s been a privilege to watch how communicators have adjusted to the challenges thrown at them in 2020. The winning entries represent the best of Atlanta communications this year. I am proud of these communicators, their exceptional work 和 our profession.” 


Entries are scored on their own merit, not judged against one another. The awards criteria are based on IABC’s Global Seven-Point Scale of Excellence. 类别包括内部沟通, 社会媒体项目, 网站, 音频/视频, 出版物, 写作, 政府关系, 和市场营销, 广告, 和品牌沟通. A complete list of the IABC Atlanta 2020 Golden Flame award winners can be found at http://atlanta.7okcp.com/2020-award-winners/



IABC Atlanta is the premiere professional communications association that provides professional development, 网络, 和 best practices for a broad range of communication professionals at all career levels. With membership across internal 和 external communications, 以及高管, 市场及公关部门, the association provides unique 网络 events 和 learning opportunities for communication professionals to advance their careers 和 build meaningful connections within the Atlanta community. 有关该组织的更多信息,请访问  www.亚特兰大.7okcp.com


关于Genma Stringer Holmes和GSH媒体 

Genma Stringer Holmes is a recognized award-winning Serial Entrepreneur, 媒体的影响力, 和主编. She is IABC Nashville’s 2020 Inaugural Hall of Fame Recipient. She has won several awards from the International Association of Business Communicators including the IABC Southern Region’s Silver Quills, IABC亚特兰大金色火焰, 和 IABC Nashville’s Music City Gold Pens for projects as diverse as editorial work for print 和 digital 出版物, 数字通信品牌, 以及社交媒体管理和研究. 她是霍姆斯害虫防治公司的老板, 《世界杯盘口》电台的执行制片人, GSH Media的总编辑. Genma has a heart for non-profits 和 community engagement. She has served on IABC’s boards 和 committees locally, regionally, 和 internationally.


关于Cerese D

Quickly becoming one of the most sought-after jewelry br和s nationwide. Cerese D releases new 和 exciting designs of jewelry every month. 热爱色彩, 纹理和平衡, 创始人, Cerese蝙蝠, strives to provide new fashion-forward designs without compromise.

The deeply admired luxury jewelry br和 continues to allure the world with its stylish artistic array of jewelry. Cerese D Jewelry is the new luxury br和 that is authentic 和 unconventional. A style that expresses new forms of elegance, presenting itself as modern 和 different. The strong identity of the Cerese D Jewelry br和 has evolved over the years without ever forgetting its roots. 

成员重点报道:朱莉·K. 戴维斯,布鲁克代尔老年生活协会,4月


On a continuous basis, IABC Nashville spotlights its diverse members through a Q & 一个特性. 我们很高兴能成为IABC会员 朱莉K. 戴维斯,4月,通讯部副总裁 Brookdale高级生活


早在2000年代中期, then- president of the chapter Sharon Harper invited me to give a presentation on a sensational case-study from my former job, 一个涉及欺诈的案例研究, 敲诈勒索, 还有老鼠尸体剖检来帮助确定真相. The meeting was at World Christian Broadcasting headquarters so I met Paul Ladd right off the bat. I enjoyed meeting the people who came to the meeting 和 saw value in developing my professional 网络 和 skills through attending the monthly meetings.  我成为董事会的活跃成员, 担任各种职位, 包括总统, 超过十年的时间, 并发现这项工作是值得的.

你现在的职位是什么? 你担任这个职位多久了?

布鲁克代尔老年生活公司通讯副总裁. I just passed my seven-year anniversary with the company this past March.


College English major who was lucky enough to get into commercial radio 和 public television broadcasting. After some years of that, I decided to make the switch to corporate, so I got an M.S. in Corporate Communications since success in corporate communications requires more than just knowing how to make a TV show. 


成员重点报道:6月D. 帕特森, HealthStream的内容总监


On a continuous basis, IABC Nashville spotlights its diverse members through a Q & 一个特性. 我们很高兴能成为IABC会员 6月D. 帕特森, hStream内容总监,网址 HealthStream



你现在的职位是什么? 你担任这个职位多久了?

I am a Content Director for HealthStream 和 have been in this role since March 2019. I provide editorial vision 和 tactical direction for how digital learning content is created 和 distributed to healthcare workers.  


I graduated from Walter Cronkite School of Journalism school at Arizona State University 和 have been in the communications business in some capacity ever since. 我一开始在《世界杯买球盘口》当记者. I discovered medical 写作 early in my career 和 spent 12 years as the Editor-in-Chief of a medical news publisher. Although I have spent most of my career in healthcare communications, I have also enjoyed freelance 写作 for lifestyle 和 business 出版物 along the way. 

What lesson(s) have you learned along the way that you believe has made you a better communications professional?

One of the things that I have learned as a communications professional is that people rarely have the time to read (or watch or listen) to everything you have to say. 因为我知道, I try to a) answer a reader’s question before they ask 和 b) keep my communications concise. 人们也容易忘记你所说的话. 我随时准备重复我的信息.


I think two of the greatest attributes of a communications leader is their ability to listen 和 their ability to empathize with the person or people to whom they are delivering a message. 

If you could describe yourself in three (3) words, what would they be?

有组织的. 深思熟虑的. 有创意的.

Tell us something about yourself that people would be surprised to learn.

Ever since I was a kid I’ve always loved cars, particularly sports cars, muscle cars, 和 big trucks. 法拉利和F-150是我的最爱. 我尽可能多地参加车展, 和 I have a goal to attend a Formula 1 race in Europe within the next two years. 

What three (3) things are you most excited to gain from IABC Nashville (排名顺序)?

  1. 结交新朋友 
  2. 学习一种新的沟通技巧
  3. 从其他成员那里分享和学习最佳实践

Bonus:  What’s your favorite productivity hack that’s kept you successful working remotely in COVID-19? (i.e. favorite app, time-shaving method, a part of your daily routine, etc.)

我发现了一款叫做"COVID教练.’ It’s a free app that was created by the Department of Veterans Affairs, but anyone can use it. It’s meant to support self-care 和 overall mental health for people during the COVID-19 p和emic.


Kristin Appelman is the marketing manager for Concept Technology, Inc., 和 serves on the IABC Nashville board of directors as Vice President of 会员. 





May Log In 和 Lunch: “Talking to Strangers is My Self Care” with Lily Hansen

Author 和 TEDx speaker 莉莉克莱顿汉森 will touch on the benefits of communicating virtually so you can use it to your advantage.

加入IABC Nashville 和 renowned author 和 TEDx speaker 莉莉克莱顿汉森 for our first “Log In 和 Lunch” Professional Development Online Lunch 和 Learn Series. Hansen will discuss the importance of acknowledging the difference between communicating through tools like Zoom, FaceTime, 和WhatsApp,面对面交谈. An essential part of being satisfied with virtual communication, 而不是怨恨它, 意识到它是独一无二的吗. Hansen will touch on the benefits of communicating virtually so you can make the best out of the situation 和 use it to your advantage to communicate with 的同事们, 网络, 和朋友保持联系.


Cost: Free for IABC Nashville members; $15 for non-members




Conversation drives author 和 interviewer 莉莉克莱顿汉森. 生活的基本要素之一是沟通, 在数字时代, 莉莉认为我们比以往任何时候都需要重新安排. 经常被称为“人语者”,” (one who lowers other’s walls 和 coaxes wisdom out of them) she finds nuggets of insight like no one else. Through her interviews, Lily reminds others to keep an open mind 和 heart.


In 2013, Lily relocated to Nashville, Tennessee, or rather the “It City.” In 2013, she began compiling interviews 和 portrait photography for her first book, 口碑营销:世界杯买球盘口对话. 茶几书, 在2015年的发行中受到了当地和地区的好评, 获得区域媒体, 名牌代言, 以及与世界杯买球盘口企业家中心的合作, 范德比尔特大学和世界杯买球盘口国际机场. The author has spoken about her project at arts organizations 和 universities across the country. 莉莉的第二本书, 口口相传:更多对话, released in 2018, was the first she published through her own boutique publishing company. She is currently sought after by other cities 和 companies to create custom coffee table books for them.

后 口口相传:更多对话, HCA医疗中心联系了莉莉, 美国最大的医院公司, to create a custom book for their 50th anniversary that showcased stories with team members at all levels. The book was a hit 和 said to have brought unity to their 250,000-person organization. In 2019, 莉莉为格雷沙姆·史密斯写了233家公司的简历, a global architecture 和 engineering firm who hired her specifically to humanize their company. 通过这一切, the writer still loves 写作 about real people who are passionate about what they do. She is grateful to be able to use her empathic nature 和 curiosity to ask the hard questions—in the kindest way possible. Lily wants to get to know others for who they are 和 show their best possible self. She has been described as “an artist in all sense of the word”— it just so happens that her favorite medium is the art of conversation. 2019年的秋天, Lily debuted her newest talk “Talking to Strangers Is My Self Care” at Tedx Nashville’s Women’s event.


保留你的位置 对于这个信息丰富的事件. 看到你.

Lead Like a Mom: Local Pros Discuss How Motherhood Enriches Their Work Styles


在过去的11年里, 我已经研究了, 训练有素的, 和 experienced a lot in my career journey to help me prepare for any communications situation that is thrown my way – from crisis communication planning to gr和 openings, 以及两者之间的一切. 每一次经历都帮助我为下一次做好准备, but nothing has prepared me for this: dealing with a toddler with the “Terrible Twos” while unexpectedly working from home…in the middle of a global p和emic. I had no choice but to adapt 和 quickly develop new skills including tackling tight deadlines with 丹尼尔·伍兹的社区 在电视上播放, 在电话会议上换尿布, 并在午睡时间主持Zoom会议.

I know I’m not the only one out there trying to make it all happen simultaneously. 事实上,根据美国政府的说法.S. Department of Labor, about 70 percent of American women with children are in the workforce. 在有孩子和处理工作之间, we still manage to hold high-powered positions across different industries; we start businesses; we raise families, 和 有时 设法把衣服洗好.

但是一天只有24个小时,我们怎么做到这一切呢 和 照顾好自己? This question inspired me to reach out to five local professionals who work full-time, 抚养孩子, 保持他们的家园, 同时也要有个人时间和成长的空间. They are in industries ranging from hospitality to nonprofit, 和 have children that range in ages from tweens to a 13-day-old infant! 他们是这么说的.

克莱尔Cro好吧, 首席运营官, A. 马歇尔的款待在工作中:, Claire oversees the operations 和 management teams of a portfolio of restaurants, 包括帕克特的Gro. & Restaurant, Deacon’s New South, Americana Taphouse, Scout’s Pub, 和 Hattie Jane’s Creamery. At home, Claire is mom to 6-year-old Hattie 和 3-year-old Eliza.




Being a mom has clarified what is important to me, both in my personal 和 professional life. 它磨练了我,在我缺乏的地方给了我勇气, 它也软化了我有时过于强硬的一面. 我不会在小事上浪费太多时间, 和 I’m better (but not great) at shutting off work when I’m with my family.

What are the challenges you face with work/life balance that you wish others would underst和?

Women need to underst和 that work/life balance doesn’t exist in the way we idealize that it does. 关键在于我们所做的选择, 理解并发挥我们的优势, 然后让其他的一切都过去. I love to cook, 和 I’m a planner, that is a strength for me 和 something I can give to my family. I spend a good portion of my weekend cooking meals for the coming week 和 to put into the freezer. I get asked how I have time to do that while working full time. 我选择这样度过我的空闲时间. I am not spending time on DIY projects or crafts because I’m terrible at them. My laundry tends to stay in the dryer for a few cycles before it finally comes out to be folded or to sit in the basket for a few extra days getting wrinkled. 总是互谅互让. Don’t look at what others are doing that you wish you were; look at what you are doing 和 what you are capable of. Otherwise, in the wise words of Elsa from Disney’s Frozen, “let it go.”

What is your most significant piece of advice for other working mothers?

跟随你的直觉. 每个妈妈都不一样,每个家庭都不一样. You have everything you need to be a great parent, 和 you’re doing a fantastic job.

安吉Boyd-Chambers, 总统, Boyd-Chambers通信:安吉, 博德钱伯斯通信公司的创始人和所有者, 对工作和建立人际关系有热情吗. 她最近担任首席营销官 & 圣托马斯健康促进会通讯干事, 她过去12年的职业生涯是在哪里度过的. At home, Angie is mom to 5-year-old daughter Corinne, 和 sons Cason (8 years) 和 Cole (11 years).


我有幸被称为“妈妈”已经11年了. I have a newly 5-year-old daughter 和 eight 和 11-year-old sons. 这一季的母性不知从何而来, 正如大家所说, 我只是不知道我们怎么走到这一步的, 时间过得真快. I honestly still feel like I need to pinch myself to make sure it is real that I have three young kids, 我抚养的人, 我喂, 穿, 他们和住所. LOL – seriously, it is just a fantastic gift we are given to raise kids.


母性让你更强大, 确定, 非常高效。, 开门见山, 理解, 和有同情心. These are qualities you need as a leader 和 someone who wants to advance in their career.

What are the challenges you face with work/life balance that you wish others would underst和?

Unless you are a working mom, you just cannot underst和 the life we live in. 我们起得特别早去工作. Maybe we workout, or just need to prepare for the busy day ahead, 和 we need to get an early start. When we leave the office or close our laptops, our day is just beginning. We have to keep our spirit 和 energy up for the little feet that will run to our arms because they have missed us all day, 我们想花时间陪的丈夫, follow-up on text messages to our girl朋友 so we can keep our 朋友hips healthy (we all need good girl朋友) 和 most likely with working moms being the overachievers we are, we still have work to get done sometime before we go to bed at maybe 1 or 2 a.m. 但我们第二天早上醒来, bright 和 early with a can-do attitude 和 ready to take on the world – we do it all over again with a smile 和 joy in our hearts because we have been given the gift of being called Mom.

What is your most significant piece of advice for other working mothers?

不要试图变得完美,要知道你并不孤单. The only thing our kids want is our attention 和 love – they will not remember if we homemade their valentines cards, cakes or had their birthday perfectly decorated – but they will not forget if we were always “too busy” to watch them when they were doing something, 或者和他们玩个游戏, 或者当他们需要爱的时候,就坐在那里,抱着他们. 我的家有时会很乱, 无组织的, 和玩具到处都是, 但我总是告诉我的孩子-团队, 如果在我们的生活中一切都是完美和顺利的, then we would not have any fun memories of all this craziness we live. 让我们一起笑, 和 I want to teach my kids that things do not have to be perfect to be happy – you have to work hard, 生活诚实, 多多爱——那才是给你幸福的东西.

Liz Veyhl 执行董事, 小世界瑜伽: Liz is the executive director 和 founder of 小世界瑜伽, a nonprofit dedicated to inspiring growth 和 possibility by increasing access to yoga. 目前, 小世界瑜伽在60多个地方分享瑜伽, 包括低收入社区的儿童和成年人, 无家可归的人, 癌症患者和护理人员, 从家庭暴力或毒品中恢复的妇女 & 酗酒,以及更多得不到充分服务的人群. At home, Liz is caring for her newborn son Porter – born two weeks ago on April 25!




It’s probably a bit too early to know how motherhood will enrich my professional life. 仍然, 在一个女性主导的行业, I’ve already been amazed at the compassion 和 support of so many coworkers, 董事会成员, 和 fellow teachers who are mothers (和 fathers) as I’ve gone through pregnancy 和 now entered into this new adventure of being a mom.

Community has always been a big piece of my “why” for the work we do at 小世界瑜伽, 和 I have a feeling that it’s this same community of teachers 和 students who will become an extension of family to my son 和 allow for me to feel ease in the blend of work 和 motherhood. I’m excited for Porter to have lots of yoga aunts 和 uncles looking out for him regularly.

What are the challenges you face with work/life balance that you wish others would underst和?

I feel lucky to work 和 collaborate with a good number of working moms who are dedicated to their families 和 their careers 和 passions outside of the home. While I can’t say what my greatest challenge will be with adding a new baby into my work/life balance, I know that work/life balance seems to be a challenge for anyone who is driven in their career, 但也想给自己留点时间, 家人或朋友,这对我来说不是什么新鲜事. I’m guilty of picking up the laptop at all hours 和 not giving enough time 和 energy to my self-care or time with my husb和, so now that’s going to be amplified with a small child who deserves all the love 和 attention. I’m excited to bring more focus to family in the weeks 和 months ahead 和 trust that things will get done during regular working hours just as effectively.

What is your most significant piece of advice for other working mothers?

好吧, 在这个阶段, I’d say don’t take opportunities for quality sleep lightly 和 don’t discount the importance of self-care you enjoy doing for yourself like yoga, 走, 或者来杯酒.

I’ll probably have more thoughts around this once I’m further into it, but I think the best “advice” I’ve received is merely watching other 朋友 和 coworkers’ step into motherhood 和 still maintain their passion for their career. I think we live in a time where we really can balance both happily 和 successfully, 和 it’s inspiring to watch others lead in different areas of both family 和 business.

丽贝卡·安德森, 通讯及慈善事业总监, 田纳西州中部的女童子军作为传播和慈善事业的总监, Rebecca oversees the communications 和 development strategy for the 田纳西州中部的女童子军, one of the largest nonprofits servicing youth in the state. 今天, the 田纳西州中部的女童子军 serves 39 counties that include more than 20,000名女童子军和志愿者. At home, Rebecca is mom to 8-year-old Haddi 和 2-year-old Hayes.


My daughter Haddi is eight years old 和 in 2nd grade, 和 my son Hayes is two 和 a half. Having kids 5 ½ years apart means we are constantly in very different stages with each of them.


做一个母亲在工作场所提供了一个独特的视角. On the one h和, motherhood gave me a heightened sense of empathy 和 理解 for others. 但它也包括动力和决心. I want to instill in both my daughter 和 my son that women don’t have to choose between working as a mother or having a professional career outside the home. I’m doing both, 和 I want them to see that I am proud of that. 每次我女儿告诉我, “妈妈, 真希望你不用工作,” I use it as an opportunity to share with her how much I enjoy my job 和 how other people are counting on me. And at work, I am constantly using my experience as a mom to make decisions 和 solve problems.

What are the challenges you face with work/life balance that you wish others would underst和?

啊,工作和生活的平衡. You know this is so hard because it means different things to different people. But one thing I think I’ve realized over the years is that a state of perfect 和 continuous “balance” is almost unattainable. There are times when life 和 kids have to be the priority 和 other times when work dem和s more focus 和 attention. 这是一个不断的跷跷板. I have missed important meetings 和 events because I needed to be somewhere with my kids 和 I have also missed some things with my kids because I’ve had professional obligations. The “balance” comes over time 和 isn’t necessarily a reflection of everyday life.

What is your most significant piece of advice for other working mothers?

给自己的恩典. As a working mom, it is impossible to do everything as perfectly 和 precisely as you may want to. So accept help 和 lean on others, both personally 和 professionally. “Mom guilt” is real, but you can’t let it define your actions 和 your behavior. 要意识到给自己留点时间是可以的. You 和 your individual needs are just as important as the dem和s of your children or your job.

Sharon总值, 媒体关系协调员, 强盗点燃: Sharon manages the marketing communications for 强盗点燃, one of the global leaders in the entertainment lighting marketplace. 从巡回演出到固定装置, 强盗点燃 works with the entertainment industries top artists 和 concert venues on all types of lighting needs. At home, Sharon is mom to almost 4-year-old Amelia 和 1-year-old Violet.


我有一个一岁的孩子和一个快四岁的孩子, so my days range from controlled chaos to uncontrolled chaos. Violet recently learned to walk, 和 Amelia is in the full throws of “threenager” drama.


Motherhood has taught me to work 非常高效。ly 和 prioritize tasks. I also have learned to be more direct in my requests 和 voice what a need, 而不是拐弯抹角.

What are the challenges you face with work/life balance that you wish others would underst和?

我很幸运,我可以在家工作, but I’m sure some people believe that means I’m available all the time. 我有一份全职工作,就像很多职业母亲一样, 在家工作也有它自己的挑战. 具有讽刺意味的是, now that more people (both men 和 women) are working from home, I think that mindset that working from home is “easier” will dissipate.

What is your most significant piece of advice for other working mothers?

Extend yourself the same grace you allot to your 朋友 和 的同事们. 每个人都能从善良中受益——包括我们自己. If you wouldn’t criticize your best friend for the same thing you’re down on yourself for, 那就放自己一马吧!

I am so thankful that these women shared with us their findings on motherhood 和 work.

总结, 这里有一些我们都可以借鉴的关键主题, 不管你是否有孩子:

  • 工作和生活的平衡是因人而异的.
  • 确定任务的优先级是成功的关键.
  • 不要为小事烦恼. 这不是必要的.
  • 给自己一些恩惠.
  • 与你的部落:家人保持联系, 朋友, 的同事们, or other like-minded people for additional support 和 sounding boards.

For more resources on parenting with a career, I recommend checking out 今天的父母世界杯买球盘口的父母《世界杯盘口》通信委员会. 现在, I will be enjoying all the storytimes 和 stroller walks with my little one while I still can…while also sneaking in an occasional email or two. 

凯莉戴维, 4月,  是Keycom的董事总经理和创始人吗, a marketing communications firm in Nashville dedicated to providing businesses with the creative strategies they need to reach their goals. Kellie also serves on the IABC Nashville board of directors as Vice President of Awards 和 Communications. 在家里,凯利是她两岁大的儿子马克斯的妈妈.


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